Resale App
A resale app for acquiring preowned inventory
Customize and integrate the Resale App directly onto your company’s website and allow your customers to receive instant offers (buyouts, consignments, and/or store credit)
Improve the reselling experience and convert more customers into sellers.

Get started right

Integrate and customize the Resale App onto your website

Customers can find their item reference, describe its condition, and receive an instant offer (buyout, consignment, and/or store credit) or request a manual quote for their preowned items.


Find their item
Customers go through a step-by-step where they select the category, brand, etc


Describe its condition
Customers tell you about their item's history from the color to the wear & tear


Ship & Get paid
Customers reveal their instant offers, select one of them, ship their item & get paid


Find your bag
Select your bag’s brand and model from the list of designers


Describe its condition
Tell us a bit about your bag’s history from the color to the wear & tear


Ship & Get paid
Reveal your instant offers, select one of them, ship your bag & get paid

Once a customer finds their item, our software automatically displays the offer price according to your pricing strategy, the customer accepts, and then a shipping label is automatically generated. Alternatively, customers can also request a quote. Read our guide to know more about the Resale App here.

All offers received through the app are then automatically synchronized and manageable from your Trendful admin account.

Choose your pricing strategy

A pricing strategy describes your preferred commission structure

Your commission structure is the ratio of what you pay to the customer and your target markup. A company’s pricing strategy can depend on:

Example based on the offer option:

Read our guide to know more about how to create a pricing strategy here.

Offers will either automatically be synchronized from the Resale App on your company’s website or draft offers can be directly created through your Trendful admin account.


The implementation process doesn't affect your online business

While Trendful handles the integration of the Resale App, your company's website can operate as usual.

Website Integration

  • Works with any ecommerce store
  • Minimal code change
  • Sync with your online customer base
  • Google Analytics Integration


  • Customized app and pricing
  • Automated email notifications
  • Automated tracking updates
  • Automated payouts
  • Reseller account
  • Technical support

Possible Customizations

  • Pricing strategy
  • Categories and brands
  • Condition and picture requirements
  • Disclaimers
  • Terms & conditions

Read our guide to know more about the Resale App here.

Our interface works with the major e-commerce platforms and client-hosted websites supporting JavaScript.