Trendful ADMIN
A platform to manage offers, inventory, and customers all in one place
Track buyouts, consignments, and/or store credit offers with our offer management system while also managing customer information and activity with our customer relationship management system.
From managed marketplaces to pawnshops the Trendful Admin works for all resale market companies no matter how big or small.

Offer management system (OMS)

Keep track of buyouts, consignments, and/or store credit offers

Companies can easily manage the status and details of each offer in the reselling process from automatically sending out a shipping label to paying out customers.

Offers will either automatically be synchronized from the Resale App on your company’s website or draft offers can be directly created through your Trendful admin account.

Create and edit offers
A customer shows up to your store? You can manually create offers right off the bat! You can also edit offers: correct condition, upload additional pictures, add details, change offer amount or estimate, etc.

Sort, filter and archive offers
You can filter offers by customer name and status, sort offers by date, and archive offers. Our OMS is easy-to-use!

Create labels and track shipping
You can generate and send shipping labels in one click. With the shipping status automatically updated each step of the way, you can seamlessly track your delivery!

Create and send quotes
You can create your own quotes by including the options you wish to offer (i.e. buyout, consignment, and/or store credit) and the associated amount. Then, you can send it to your customers
via an automatic email.

Send 1-click payouts
You can pay your customers in one-click with Trendful payouts. It sends an automatic notification to your customers who will be invited to securely connect their bank account with Plaid.

Send emails and view thread
Send email with attachments from the admin and scroll through the full email discussion thread between your team and your customers.

In a simple click of a button, you can also send offers by email and payout to your customers. You can do all of these things from your Trendful admin account!

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Customer relationship management system (CRM)

Manage customer information and activity within the reselling process

The CRM is a powerful tool that has been geared towards the needs of companies in the resale market who buy pre-owned inventory from their customers.

Customers are either automatically added to your CRM when using the Resale App integrated on your company’s website or you can manually create and edit customers with your Trendful admin account.

Inventory Management System (IMS)

Manage your incoming inventory and streamline your listing process

Our Inventory Management System (IMS) is designed to help resale companies easily track their inventory, whether it's sourced from customers or wholesalers.

You can quickly add products to the IMS with just one click from our Order Management System (OMS), or manually draft or import products in bulk. Plus, our csv export feature makes it easy to efficiently export and list your products on any e-commerce platform, such as WooCommerce or Wix.

If you have a Shopify store, our IMS makes it even easier to list your products with just one click, and you'll receive automatic updates when an item sells. You can also automate workflows such as sending payouts, making managing your inventory and sales a breeze.

Create and edit products
You can manually create and edit products: title, description, condition, upload pictures, select a storage location, change cost, listing price or sale value.

Sort, filter and archive products
You can search products by product title, Entrupy certificate number and SKU number, filter by status, sort offers by date, and archive offers.

Export and list products
You can export a CSV of your products or list them on Shopify in one click. You'll receive automatic updates and can automate workflows.