Introduction to the Resale App


At Trendful we have created an interface for secondary market designer handbags that is easily integrated onto a company’s website. With the interface, the business can choose to offer their customers the ability to sell upfront, consign, and/or trade-in for store credit.

On the frontend, customers can seamlessly use the interface to find their bag, describe the condition, receive an instant offer and shipping label. While on the backend, we help businesses automate pricing, shipping, and payments to their customers.

See how the Resale App works on our demo here.

Implementation Process

Our interface works with the major e-commerce platforms and client-hosted websites supporting JavaScript.

How do you implement the interface on a website? Are you an app?

Trendful manages the implementation of the Resale App onto your website for you. Depending on the platform hosting your website, Trendful will send you instructions to let us access your website HTML page, where we will integrate our plug-in app.

For example, if the e-commerce platform is Shopify, we will send the business the following instructions for us to access their website HTML page:

1. The business while on their Shopify Admin will navigate to “Apps,” then click at the bottom right “Manage private apps”

2. The business while on their Shopify Admin will navigate to “Apps,” then click at the bottom right “Manage private apps”

3. Once enabled, click “Create new private app”

4. Businesses will enter the required app details as described below

5. Make sure that this private app is authorized to have “Read and write” access to the Shopify theme and customers

6. The last step is to click “Save” and email us the example URL with the new private app

Once we have access to the website HTML we will begin integrating the Resale App. During this time you will be able to run your business as normal, your online business will not be affected by the implementation process. 

For the moment, we do not have a plug-in option that businesses can add through the different e-commerce app stores. Currently, we add the Resale App tool as a developer by creating a private app on your website.

Implementation Timeline

See below for an estimate of our standard timeline:

Week 1 - Integrate the interface onto your website as a theme preview

Week 2 - Customize the interface to meet your specific requirements (i.e. font, colors, wording, pricing strategy, etc)

Week 3 - Testing phase, you will get to try out the interface and make additional small changes at this time

WeeK 4 - Resale App goes live on your site unless you have requested additional small changes to be made during week 3

*The integration process can take longer depending on your level of customization. This timeline above is just a rough estimate with minimal customization taken into consideration.

What is the Resale App like from a customer’s perspective?

From a user’s perspective, once they are on your website, the user will click a button (Sell or Sell your bag now), and a window will pop-up. From that point, the user will be guided through a step-by-step process to describe their bag and receive a buyout, consignment, and/or store credit offer.

See the step-by-step process below:

1. Once the user clicks the “Sell” button on your website, a window will pop-up.

2. The user will select the designer, model, and style in just a few clicks. Alternatively, users can search directly for their bag in the search bar at the top of the window.

3. Next, the user selects the condition of their bag (excellent, great, good, fair) and selects any or all accessories that they have for that bag.

4. Finally, the user receives a quote of what they could earn by selling upfront, consigning, and/or trading in for store credit. If the customer accepts, we automatically send a confirmation email to them with a shipping label.

If for any reason the customer cannot find their bag using the step-by-step interface or they are unsure of which bag to select from the interface as theirs, they can choose to instead upload pictures and receive a manual quote.

What is the Resale App like from a business’s perspective?

From a business’s perspective, if your customer receives an instant quote (i.e. buyout, consign, store credit) after following the interface’s step-by-step process, then there is no additional work on your end. 

The shipping label is automatically sent to your customer and you will receive a notification with the offer details via email. The information you will receive about the offer via email includes:

Bag information

  • Designer
  • Model
  • Style
  • Size
  • Condition
  • Accessories
  • Option chose (i.e. buyout, consign, store credit)
  • Offer amount
  • Estimated fair market value

Customer Information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Preferred payment method

Shipment Information

  • Carrier
  • Shipping rate
  • Is shipment insured? 
  • Insurance paid
  • Label image URL
  • Tracking URL
  • Shipping from address

If your customer cannot find their bag and/or if we do not have enough pricing data for that particular item, they can request a manual quote. The customer would simply upload images for the item they wish to sell. You would then receive an automatic email from the Trendful team with the customer information, bag information, as well as images of the bag whereby you would determine the quote you would like to offer that customer. 

For the moment, the interaction between us and your customer is done via email, however, we will soon release a Trendful Admin Portal whereas a client of Trendful will be invited to create an account. Once our Admin Portal has been released you will be able to see and manage your current offers from customers with bags they are selling to you.


We hope you found this guide useful in understanding how we implement the interface onto your website, how the interface looks for a user, and what you will experience from a business perspective. 

Our mission is to not only help manage your daily operations but to also give you confidence in growing your business by increasing your visibility on the ever changing secondhand luxury fashion market.

Interested in having the Resale App integrated onto your store’s website, get in touch with our sales team here.

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