infrastructure for
the luxury market
Convert more customers with instant offers for their designer handbags, jewelry, and watches.
Acquire pre-owned inventory from customers, and improve the reselling experience.

A fully integrated and customizable Trendful Resell Interface

With our service, we can create the user interface customized to meet your needs, where users can instantly sell, consign, or receive store credit for their handbags, jewelry, and watches. Our software can evaluate price, popularity, and automate shipments.

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Find your bag
Select your bag’s brand and model from our list of designers


Describe its condition
Tell us a bit about your bag’s history from the color to the wear & tear


Ship & get paid
Reveal your instant offer, ship your bag & get paid

Solid Data Foundation

Datapoints including fair market value, popularity and condition

Handbags with images guiding consumer towards the right item

Top designers adjustable according to your business needs

Our software is backed by over 30 million data points with 35K handbags from 40 top designers. The data includes market prices, condition, and popularity.
By automating pricing and shipping, we can increase your sell-through rate and lower your operational expenses. Therefore, you can focus on growing your customer base and inventory.

Customized Pricing Strategy


With our software, we can analyze the retail price, fair market value (at which to resell the item), and the proper offers that will ensure that you make the profit margin that you want to make!

For bags without enough pricing data for instant buyback offers, sellers can still request a quote by uploading images. This offer request is sent via email to you, therefore, you can manually determine the price you wish to buy the item at.



Trendful manages the website integration, provides you analytics, and also offers additional optional services.

Website Integration

  • Works with any ecommerce store
  • Minimal code change
  • Sync with your online customer base
  • Google Analytics Integration


  • Automated notifications
  • Preferred payment methods
  • Preferred shipping carrier
  • Monthly reporting
  • Technical support

Optional Services

  • Fulfillment
  • Authentication
  • Automatic payments
    (3% of credit card fee)

Our interface works with the major ecommerce platforms and client-hosted websites supporting JavaScript.

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