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Resale App

A storefront integration for acquiring preowned inventory

Customize and integrate the Resale App directly onto your company’s website and allow your customers to receive instant offers (buyouts, consignments, and/or store credit)

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Simplify your sellers' journey.

Buying pre-owned inventory directly from individuals shouldn't be hard. We have perfect the process to make it easy for both merchants and sellers.

Find your item

Search and filter to find a specific product variant.

We have referenced over 100,000 items organized by brand, model, and style.

Describe its condition

Tell us about your item’s so we can price it.

We can capture the item's history, color, accesories, authenticity card, photos, and wear & tear.

Ship & Get paid

Reveal your instant offers, ship it & get paid.

Choose amongst multiple offer options, share your contact details, print your shipping label and get paid.

Boost your productivity.
Deploy Trendful on your store today.

An integrated suite of tools with all the recommerce features your business needs to start, run and scale.

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