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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Circular Fashion



5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Circular Fashion

At Trendful, we believe in two things: high-quality fashion and sustainability. We, of course, want to share our passion for sustainable fashion with you, so let’s play a game.

Are you ready?

Open your closet and dive into your clothing and accessories: summer dresses, winter shoes, fall jackets… We are sure you have an outstanding wardrobe! Now, try to think about how many times you would wear your wool dress or your patent leather purse before relegating them to the back of your closet, and instead, wanting something new for your wardrobe.

Studies have revealed that the majority of fashion purchases see the light of day just seven to ten times before being banished to the back of the closet.

Actually, modern women have adopted a ‘wear it once culture” when it comes to their wardrobes, wearing items only a handful of times before considering them 'old,' according to a new study. Don’t worry girls, we don’t blame you if this used to be your mentality too! We all have probably thought this way before coming across the idea of Circular Fashion.

What is Circular Fashion?

The name comes from the more general notion: circular economy. It implies that all materials and products in society are used and circulate among its users for as long as possible, in an environmentally safe, effective and just manner. Waste as we know it does not exist. Therefore, circular fashion is the process in which clothing is used by different people until the end of its shelf life.

What are the 5 advantages of Circular Fashion?

1. You help to reduce your environmental footprint.

When you buy new clothes, especially cheap clothing that belongs to the fast-fashion industry, you create a demand that will push fashion industries to produce more and more products cheaply and quickly. Also, you will probably get rid of it or will be bored with it after a few wears. Making clothing and finally not wearing it is similar to cooking a whole meal and just eating the starter: it's a waste.

2. You save money!

When you buy pre-loved items, they are often less than what you would pay at a retail store, whereas they have been worn just a few times (do you remember?). The quality is often like new but the price can easily go from three times to five times cheaper. What a good deal!

3. You can earn money!

You can also consign clothing you don’t want to wear anymore and have a part of your money back. Not only will you be happy making some extra cash, but, you will make someone happy by getting to enjoy the clothes and accessories you no longer wear! Daily good deed is done!

4. You still can change your mind as often as before.

Who has ever thought “I can’t wear this dress anymore, I already wore it to several events?” Don’t lie, it’s a common feeling: we usually don’t want to be pictured or 'tagged' in the same dress twice. By reselling, you would feel less guilty and you can still buy a new pre-loved dress, no one will notice!

5. You can still be trendy, even if it’s not new.

A Chanel bag or a Hermes scarf would always be at the cutting edge of fashion.

So, are you convinced?