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Authenticate Gucci Handbags in 8 Steps



Authenticate Gucci Handbags in 8 Steps

Follow these 8 simple steps to make sure you are not buying a FAKE Gucci handbag!

In this authentication guide we will be going over the following in detail:

  • Material
  • Hardware
  • Logo
  • Stitching
  • Interior Label
  • Serial Number
  • Lettering/Fonts
  • Controllato Card

1. The Material

It is important to analyze the material of the handbag when authenticating a Gucci bag. The two most popular materials you will find Gucci bags in are Canvas and Leather.

When looking at a Gucci handbag in canvas or coated canvas it is important to look at the monogram logo.

Here are some important aspects to consider:

  • The Gs should always face each other, with the lefthand G facing the righthand G.
  • The righthand G is always upside down.
  • The monogram logo should always be well defined.
  • The pattern should be woven into the canvas fabric and not printed ontop.

The other popular material you find authentic Gucci handbags in is leather. Gucci uses the highest quality materials and the leather should feel and look like high-quality leather. If it is a Guccissima handbag, the monogram should be stamped in a regular pattern into the leather.


Gucci hardware should always feel sturdy and have a weighty feeling and be made with solid metal. There shouldn’t be any plastic materials used on the hardware.

You will often find that Gucci engraves its name on the zippers, locks, and other metal parts.

It’s true that the logo is often the first thing that you may look for when deciding if the handbag is authentic or fake!

Gucci recently updated the look of their logo giving GG logo a sleeker more pointed look. The newer handbags should also have overlapping GG instead of interlocking GGs.

4. Stitching

With Gucci handbags, the customer should always expect flawless stitching throughout the bag. The stitching should never have uneven stitches, tears, loose threads, or breaks. Also, with leather handbags, the stitching should typically match the color of the handbag.

5. Interior Label

Each authentic Gucci handbag should have an interior leather label with information on the front and back. The front of the interior label should have the name Gucci in all capital letters with the trademark R within a circle above. In the line below Gucci, there should be stamped, ‘made in italy’ in all lowercase letters.

On the reverse side of the label, you should find the serial number which, is two lines of numbers, each containing 6 digits.

Both the front and back information should be stamped into the leather.

6. Serial Number

As we mentioned above, the serial number is on the reverse side of the interior label.

There are two lines of numbers, each containing 6 digits, there also shouldn’t be any letters in the serial number. The first line indicates the style and the second line the supplier. Sometimes you find dots or dashes on the first line of the serial number.

You will never find the serial number on the interior sides of the handbag. Also, keep in mind that if the bag you are looking at is Vintage, you may not even find a serial number!

7. Lettering/fonts

The lettering should be immediately identifiable, the letters and numbers should never touch one another.

  • The G should be round, and if the line were to continue down it would form a letter O.
  • The two sides of the U are different thicknesses, the left side should be wider than the right.
  • The Cs should also be very round like the Gs.

Overall the lettering/fonts should always be imprinted clearly onto the leather. It should never be illegible.

8. Controllato card

New authentic Gucci handbags should come with a Controllato card, which means that the manufacturer verified the bag was a quality piece that was inspected after completion.

The card contains 3 lines---the first line has the name Gucci in all capital letters, the second line has written ‘controllato’ in all lowercase letters, and the third line has a row of numbers.

Although don’t always expect to find a Controllato Card in a pre-owned Gucci handbag, just like with Chanel authenticity cards, the Gucci Controllato card can easily be lost or misplaced.

Just because your bag doesn’t have a Controllato Card doesn’t mean its automatically a fake, make sure to look at previous steps to help verify if the bag is authentic!

Vintage Gucci Bags

When looking at purchasing a Vintage Gucci handbag these 8 steps aren’t always applicable!

The materials used will always be of the highest quality, this includes the hardware, stitching, and other materials. Although, over the years, the logo has gone through many changes and will not look the same when compared to the modern logo. Also, another important aspect to consider is that with vintage Gucci handbags there is not always a serial number in the interior!