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Exploring Franchise Opportunities with Season 2 Consign: An In-Depth Q&A with Founders Erika & Monica



Exploring Franchise Opportunities with Season 2 Consign: An In-Depth Q&A with Founders Erika & Monica


As a follow-up to our previous origin story article of Season 2 Consign and the founders, Erika and Monica, in this exclusive Q&A session, we delve deep into the franchise model of Season 2 Consign, exploring how potential franchisees can join and thrive within this innovative brand. As the franchise scene burgeons, understanding the mechanisms and benefits of the Season 2 Consign model provides crucial insights for anyone considering this path.

Franchise Model Overview

Q: Can you give us a detailed overview of Season 2 Consign’s franchise business model?

A: At Season 2 Consign, our franchise model is designed as a unique ecosystem within the luxury resale market. Unlike traditional models where each franchise operates in isolation, all our franchise locations are interconnected through our central marketplace at, allowing them to sell globally. Each franchisee is granted a territory ranging between 500,000 to 1 million people for product acquisition. This setup not only facilitates global reach but also supports a communal network where all franchisees can thrive under the brand’s umbrella, leveraging our advanced technology and established market presence.

Q: How does this model benefit both the franchisor and the franchisees?

A: This model benefits the franchisor by expanding the brand’s footprint and influence without the extensive capital typically required for new locations. For the franchisees, it offers a proven business model with substantial support from headquarters, allowing them to operate their businesses with robust backing and less risk. The model fosters a family-like atmosphere among franchisees, enhancing collective success through shared resources and technology.

Getting Started as a Franchisee

Q: What steps should an interested party take to start a franchise with Season 2 Consign?

A: Prospective franchisees should first visit our website at to understand our business and philosophy. Following this, completing an inquiry form is the next step, which leads to an initial conversation with our team. This process ensures that potential franchisees are well-informed and genuinely interested in dedicating themselves to running a Season 2 showroom.

Q: Are there specific qualifications or experiences you look for in potential franchisees?

A: While specific sales experience is not a prerequisite, we value individuals who are dynamic, business-savvy, and resonate with our core values – Integrity, Focus, on People, and a Spirit of Excellence. We seek partners who are fully committed to embodying these principles and who are passionate about building authentic community connections within their territories.

Expansion and Growth

Q: Are you actively seeking new franchisees? If so, what are the key attributes you’re looking for?

A: Yes, we are always open to discussions with potential franchisees. The key attributes we look for include a strong alignment with our core values, a genuine personality, and the ability to foster relationships. Currently, with locations in several states and plans for expansion, we are cautiously yet optimistically looking to grow our franchise family.

Q: How many franchise locations are currently operating, and how many do you plan to expand to in the future?

A: Currently, we have eight franchise locations, with plans to open additional ones in the near future. Our growth strategy is focused not on rapid expansion by on finding the right partners who can uphold and propagate the brand’s values and standards.

Support and Training

Q: What kind of support and training do you offer to new franchisees?

A: Our support system for franchisees includes extensive training with an initial on-site immersion at HQ, followed by hands-on training at their location. Additionally, we provide an array of online resources and continuous updates on industry practices and company protocols to ensure that each franchisee is well-equipped to manage their operations effectively.

Q: How do you ensure consistency in brand/customer experience across different franchise locations?

A: Through rigorous training and a comprehensive operations manual, we maintain high standards across all locations. Each franchisee is integral to the brand, and by nurturing a strong franchise community, we ensure that every customer experiences the same quality and service, irrespective of the location.

Q&A with Season 2 Consign Franchisees


After speaking with founders Erika and Monica about the franchise business model of Season 2 Consign, we had the opportunity to interview several key franchise owners. Now, you'll have the chance to hear directly from them about their experiences and perspectives on being part of this franchise network.

Franchisee Introduction

Q: What is your name and how long have you been a franchisee with Season 2 Consign?

Jamie: My name is Jamie Manzuik and I have been a franchisee with Season 2 Consign for one year now.

Michelle: My name is Michelle Marcus Rodriguez and I have been part of the Season 2 Consign family for 6 months.

Olga: My name is Olga Taveras-Nelson and I have been a franchisee with Season 2 Consign for the last 6 months as of this April.

Location and Background

Q: Where is your franchise located?

Jamie: My franchise is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Michelle: My franchise is located in the heart of Orlando, FL, 10 minutes from downtown.

Olga: We are located in the amazing Tampa, FL.

Q: Did you have any background or previous experience in the luxury resale market before joining Season 2 Consign?

Jamie: My only background with the luxury resale market is as a consumer! However, I would have considered myself a savvy and professional!

Michelle: No, actually this is my first experience working in the luxury resale market. Fun fact my background is in Project Management and Accounting.

Olga: I had no prior experience in this field. Over the past 25 years, I have been focused on operations management, human resources, and project management within large corporations.

Experiences and Challenges

Q: What motivated you to become a franchisee of Season 2 Consign?

Jamie: The motivation for becoming a franchise came from first and foremost being a luxury enthusiast. It was after becoming familiar with Monica and Erika’s luxe live shopping experiences and how adamant they were on authenticity, that I knew I wanted to become part of this pre-loved revolution.

Michelle: As a Latina, one of my primary motivations is to embody the empowerment of Hispanic women. Season 2 Consign is a business infused with a strong vision, immense passion, and deep self-belief. Together, we form a powerful group of business leaders. Another driving force for me is the opportunity to run a business where I can help women feel beautiful and ensure they feel included in every aspect of fashion.

Olga: I found myself at a crossroads, balancing a demanding job with the desire to never miss my teenage children’s sports games. Witnessing their passion on the court is irreplaceable, and missing these moments became increasingly tough. Although I loved my work, it no longer fulfilled me. This search for balance led me to Season 2 Consign. After a year of consideration, I became a franchisee, partnering with Monica and Erika. It has been a dream come true, offering both a fulfilling career and work-life balance that I needed.

Q: What have been some of the most rewarding experiences and challenges you’ve faced in running your franchise?

Jamie: Some of the most rewarding experiences have been meeting local like-minded business owners and collaborating on events. In addition, meeting amazing clients and providing them with their very first luxury pieces has been rewarding to witness. Challenges have been learning the peaks and valleys of sales cycles and rhythms.

Michelle: One of the most rewarding experiences with Season 2 Consign is the opportunity to help non-profit organizations raise funds for children with critical diseases and their treatments. Getting to meet incredible people over these past months and as well making an impact in the community are some of the most rewarding experiences for me as a business owner.

Olga: The most rewarding aspect of what we do has been the relationships and the connections that I’ve experienced with our clients this past 6 months. While our focus is on the resale of luxury handbags, accessories, and shoes, our offerings extend far beyond these products. Just one example of the many beautiful interactions we get to witness is from receiving heartfelt messages from customers expressing their love for their purchase.

Fun Fact - Favorite Handbag Encounters

Q: On a lighter note, what is your dream bag, or your favorite designer handbag that you’ve seen come in on consignment?

Jamie: My dream bag is the Chanel LED Boy Bag which is very hard to find and quite the collector’s piece! However, I think my next purchase will be when I can find the Goyard Saigon in orange.

Michelle: I will say that my dream bags are a Hermes Birkin 25 Gold and a Chanel Multicolor Tweed Vanity.

Olga: A fan-favorite designer handbag of mine is the medium-size Lady Dior by Christian Dior, but I often revert to the Chanel Caviar Single Flap since it's such a timeless staple.


Season 2 Consign offers a distinctive and supportive franchise model for entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the luxury resale industry. With a focus on community, innovation, and support, Season 2 Consign stands out as a promising opportunity for prospective franchisees to flourish while contributing to a sustainable business model. Interested individuals are encouraged to reach out and begin their journey with a brand that values growth and success for all its partners.

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