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Scale Your Resale Business with Trendful’s Exclusive UPS Shipping Discounts



Scale Your Resale Business with Trendful’s Exclusive UPS Shipping Discounts

Resale merchants, get ready for exciting news!

Trendful has partnered with UPS to secure exclusive shipping discounts for our users. Now, you can save up to 50% on shipping labels, which means more profit for your business. This post will highlight how these savings can enhance your resale operations and contribute to your growth.

Maximize Savings on Shipping

Reduced shipping costs play a crucial role in improving your profit margins. With our UPS partnership, you can save $6 to $11 per label, which adds up quickly. These savings enable you to scale your business more efficiently.

Streamline Operations with Trendful’s OMS and IMS

Trendful’s Offer Management System (OMS) simplifies tracking buyouts, consignments, and store credit offers. The automatic generation of shipping labels and one-click payouts lets you focus on growing your business. Our Inventory Management System (IMS) seamlessly integrates with the OMS, automating inventory tracking and streamlining your processes.****

Enhance Customer Relationships and Satisfaction

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and customizable Resale App help you acquire inventory directly from your customer base while providing instant offers or manual quotes. The shipping discounts allow you to pass on some savings to your customers, fostering better relationships and increasing satisfaction.

Unlock Business Insights with the Trendful Admin Dashboard

The Trendful Admin dashboard offers valuable analytics and insights to support your growth. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your shipping cost savings and their impact on your overall business growth and profitability.Trendful’s exclusive UPS shipping discounts increase your profit margins and complement our suite of tools designed to help you scale and automate your resale business. Experience the benefits of our UPS partnership and choose from our Premium, Pro, and Enterprise plans to find the perfect fit for your business.