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The Inspiring Journey of Closet Full of Cash



The Inspiring Journey of Closet Full of Cash

In the dynamic realm of luxury resale, one name has consistently stood out for its commitment to knowledge-sharing, innovation, and community building – Closet Full of Cash. Founded by Deanna Thompson in late 2015, this platform has become a cornerstone for resellers, offering invaluable insights and resources for navigating the complexities of the industry.

Origins and Vision

Closet Full of Cash was born out of necessity. Deanna recognized a gap in the market – a lack of comprehensive resources for individuals interested in buying, selling, and staying informed about luxury resale. With a keen eye for opportunity and a determination to fill this void, she embarked on a journey of self-education and website development. "There was no place where you could learn where to buy and how to sell or read the latest news, so I built it!" Deanna explains, encapsulating the entrepreneurial spirit that drives her vision.

Cultivating a Community

Deanna's approach to building Closet Full of Cash was refreshingly straightforward. She taught herself web development and scoured the internet for noteworthy companies to feature on her platform.

“Not everyone has a budget like the big players but there are so many really awesome resale businesses out there, I wanted more people to know about them.”

Her philosophy was simple – share what you learn. From her first guide on selling through Tradesy to her active presence on Instagram, Deanna fostered a community rooted in authenticity and shared knowledge.

Insights and Impact

Through years of immersion in the luxury resale industry, Deanna has become a trusted authority, offering valuable insights and guidance to resellers worldwide. From addressing authentication challenges to helping entrepreneurs start their own luxury resale businesses, her expertise has been instrumental in empowering others to succeed in this competitive landscape.

Deanna's contributions extend beyond digital platforms. Her insights have been featured in reputable publications, and she has shared her expertise at national conferences, helping hundreds of merchants over the years.

Recognition and Future Endeavors

In 2022, Deanna was honored with the prestigious Industry Partner of the Year award from the National Pawnbroker Association, a testament to her impact and dedication within the luxury resale community. As she continues to coach and support new entrants into the industry, her commitment to education, collaboration, and integrity remains steadfast.


Closet Full of Cash exemplifies the transformative power of passion-driven entrepreneurship and the enduring value of shared knowledge in the luxury resale industry. Through Deanna Thompson's visionary leadership, it has become a beacon for resellers seeking guidance, community, and opportunities for growth.

At Trendful, we applaud the remarkable journey of Closet Full of Cash and Deanna Thompson, and we're honored to stand alongside them in shaping the future of fashion resale. Join us as we continue to learn, adapt, and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape together.

Visit Closet Full of Cash to explore their invaluable resources and connect with a vibrant community of luxury resellers.

Or check out her Instagram page to stay updated with the latest news and insights in the luxury resale industry.