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Empowering Merchants with a Glimpse into the Future: Trendful Vision Launches April 19th



Empowering Merchants with a Glimpse into the Future: Trendful Vision Launches April 19th

On April 19th, 2024, Trendful is set to redefine how our Enterprise plan clients interact with our Price Database. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Trendful Vision – an innovative AI-powered feature that will transform the way merchants can search for prices and market insight information.

A Revolutionary Search at Your Fingertips

Traditionally, merchants have relied on text-based searches to navigate our expansive Price Database with over 70,000 product references. This can be cumbersome to navigate just with text and keyword search alone since in the Resale Industry how an item is named can vary from marketplace to marketplace.

However, the introduction of Trendful Vision marks a pivotal shift. Now, a mere image can unlock a world of pricing and market insight information.

Ease and efficiency: a click away Using Trendful Vision is effortlessly intuitive. Merchants need only to click the camera icon in the search, and they are greeted with options to upload, drop, or paste links to an image. Our advanced AI algorithms will jump into action, processing the request within seconds.

Accurate, reliable results Upon processing the request, Trendful Vision presents product references, each accompanied by a confidence level. This metric quantifies our system’s certainty in the match, ensuring transparency and trust in the results.

More than just pricing information Clicking on a result reveals not just pricing information, but a comprehensive view of the product including Trendful’s Fair Market Value based on condition and size, alongside a wealth of market insights and comparative prices.

The journey ahead Initially, Trendful Vision’s realm spans thousands of designer handbags within our database. However, our roadmap includes extending its capabilities to include new designer handbag models as well as other categories of items.

Coming Soon: Expanding Horizons

The next few months will see Trendful Vision’s capabilities expanded into our API and Resale App.

When Trendful Vision is soon expanded into the Resale App, merchants’ sellers (customers) will effortlessly be able to find the item(s) they want to resell just by uploading an image. Currently, if sellers using the Resale App want to submit an item to a merchant to sell they need to either find their item via keyword search or they need to select their item based on brand > model > style.

With the power of Trendful Vision and simply uploading an image to find the item they want to sell this not only boosts the accuracy an item identification but also motivates customers through the reselling process.


Trendful Vision is more than a feature – it’s a vision of a more connected, efficient, and intuitive world of commerce. As we stand on the brink of this exciting new era, we invite our Enterprise plan clients to be the first to experience the future of price searching with Trendful Vision. The future is not just bright; it's visionary.

For more details and information about Trendful Vision check out our YouTube sneak peek video here.