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What's in your closet?



What's in your closet?

Welcome to our new series called, "What's in your closet?" where we will be interviewing women on their style and how they organize their clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

We hope you enjoy this new series our first interviewee is with Jackie, Trendful's founder!

Tell us about yourself

My name is Jackie and I am the founder of Trendful and I have had a passion for authentic vintage and high-end contemporary designer fashion for as long as I can remember.

I have a Master’s degree from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and originally worked in the art galleries and an auction house as a Decorative Arts specialist.

But my real passion is allowing women the opportunity to buy and sell authentic vintage and designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories that are gently pre-owned.

Describe your style

Minimalist and timeless with a dash of comfortableness and statement items thrown in.

What’s the oldest thing that you have in your collection?

Technically the oldest thing I have in my closet is my grandmother’s mink fur stole from Spain.

What’s the newest addition(s) to your closet?

Hmm...I believe the newest additions to my closet were clothes I received this past Christmas, including a Patagonia fleece jacket (I love that it’s made with 100% recycled polyester), which I gifted to myself it’s perfect for layering and for hiking with my husband and two dogs; and Theory basic black crop pants and black crew neck top.

Do you have something that you keep, but never wear and/or use?

One thing that I keep but never use is my wedding dress, but, I think that is the case for most women. Another item that I have kept that I never wear is a pair of white trousers (they need to be altered and I have just never gotten around to doing it).

Do you have a favorite and/or special item in your closet?

My mom passed away in 2018 after struggling for years with Parkinson’s and obviously nothing can replace having your mom with you but I will always cherish having her Chanel Black Lambskin camera bag from the 1990s, as well as getting to wear her Marquise cut diamond wedding ring. Both I hope to one day pass onto my future daughter (if I am lucky enough to have a girl).

Any vintage items that you LOVE?

Some of my favorite vintage items are the vintage brown mink stole that was my grandmother’s and my Chanel black lambskin camera bag and black lambskin mini flap bag, both from the 1990s.

Another vintage item I love is a dress from the 1940s that my mom and I found at a store in Tampa, FL when I was in middle school. Unfortunately, it is way too small for me to wear now but would make a fantastic pattern for a summer dress.

How do you keep your closet organized?

I call it organized chaos...But really I am lucky we have two closets in our bedroom and that most importantly one is a walk-in closet. My husband doesn’t have a lot of clothes (typical guy) so he, of course, has the smaller closet.

I try to keep my closet organized by categories like tops, short dresses, long dresses, and sweaters and jackets. Then within each category, I organize the items by color (light to dark). I like to fold my pants, shorts, and skirts rather than hang them. In addition to my closet, my husband and I share a dresser where I put socks, underwear, sports clothing, etc.

Do you have any favorite brands that you like to wear?

Theory, Vince, Madewell, Sezane, Sandro, Brunello Cucinelli, Uniqlo, Joe’s Jeans

What is your go-to outfit?

My everyday go-to outfit would be a pair of great-fitting jeans, a crew neck black t-shirt, and my Allbirds wool runners. Then I would probably pair that with a statement handbag!

During the summer months, I love to throw on a comfortable day dress and pair that with sneakers or sandals.

Do you have any high-end contemporary designer items in your closet? And/or do you have any dream items you would aspire to have?

I like to think of my high-end designer items as investment pieces that I can either eventually re-sell or keep for a lifetime. In my collection, I primarily have Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags.

I would love to have in the future a vintage Hermes box Constance 23 shoulder bag. I think it looks so classic.

What would your dream closet look like?

My dream closet would definitely be a larger walk-in closet, preferably custom built where you can more easily organize things to suit your needs.

Do you have anyone who inspires your clothing aesthetic?

I love following Jacey Duprie (@jaceyduprie), Emily Schuman (@emilyschuman), Amy Jackson (@fashion_jackson), and Julia Engel (@juliahengel) for fashion inspiration.

Do you wear fast fashion items?

I try not to wear fast fashion items and we definitely have an article planned in the future to talk more about fast fashion!

Would you buy secondhand items?

Yes and I have!

Would you consign your gently used items you no longer wear?

Yes of course!