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Introduction to the Resale App


At Trendful we have built a Resale App, which any merchant that buys, sells, or recycles second-hand products can use to provide an easy-to-use platform for their customers (end users) to sell their pre-owned items to them. 

The Resale App is directly integrated onto the merchant’s website, which they can customize to enable their customers (end users) to either sell upfront, consign, and/or trade-in for store credit. 

On the front end, customers (end users) can seamlessly use the Resale App to find their item, describe its condition, receive an instant offer or make a manual quote request. Once they have created an account, customers (end users) can view their past and current offers as well as view their past and incoming payouts. 

While on the backend, we help merchants automate pricing, shipping, and payouts to their customers through their Trendful Admin account. You can learn more about the Trendful Admin here

View a demo of our Resale App here.

Implementation Process

What platforms is the Resale App compatible with?

Our app works with all the major e-commerce platforms and client-hosted websites that support JavaScript.

How do you implement the interface on a website? Are you an app?

Trendful manages the implementation of the Resale App onto your website for you. Depending on the platform hosting your website, Trendful will send you instructions to let us access your website HTML page, where we will integrate our plug-in app.

For example, if the e-commerce platform is Shopify, we will send the business the following instructions for us to access their website HTML page:

  1. On your Shopify admin, navigate to "Apps" > "Develop apps":

  1. Create a custom app:

For the App developer section (see image above), select your email and then click create app.

  1. Configure your app access in “Configure Admin API scopes

Just make sure you authorize this private app to have read and write access to your Themes and Customers by clicking on the four checkboxes as shown above. You can filter results with the search bar.

  1. In “API credentials”, install app:

  1. Reveal and copy the API access token

You will only be able to reveal and copy the API Token once. Then share the token access with us by email. Don’t share your API keys and the access token to another organization other than Trendful.

Once we have access to the website HTML we will start integrating the Resale App. During this time you will be able to run your business as normal, and your online business will not be affected by the implementation process. 

For the moment, you cannot add our Resale App through the different  e-commerce app stores.

Implementation Timeline

See below for an estimate of our standard timeline: 

Week 1 - Integrate and customize (i.e. wording, pricing strategy, disclaimers, etc.) the Resale App onto your website as a theme preview

Week 2 - Testing phase, you will get to try out the Resale App and make additional small changes at this time before it goes live at the end of the week

*During week 1 of the Resale App integration, Trendful will create and onboard your business to your Trendful Admin account (back-office) and the Price Database. 

The integration process can take longer depending on your level of customization. This timeline is just a rough estimate.

What is the Resale App like from a customer’s perspective?

Depending on your company’s customization, some aspects of your Resale App could be different than the process described below:

This is how the Resale App could look for your customers (end users):

  1. On your website, your customers will click on a button of your choosing (something like, “Sell your item”, “Sell now”, or “Consign now”)you get to choose where and what name to give to the “Sell” button that opens the app. Usually, the button is located in the navigation header or sidebar.

  1. Once your customer clicks the button of your choosing, the Resale App will pop up. If they have already created an account and are logged in the app will open to their past and current offers.

  1. If your customer has never sold to your business before their “My offers” page will be blank and they will be able to create their own account.

  2. To sell an item your customer simply needs to click the button “Add an item to sell”.

  3. Next, depending on your business’ Resale App customization, customers will be able to select which category they wish to sell.

For example, for designer handbags, your customers would be redirected to select the brand, model, style, and then size of their item.

If your business wants to accept other categories of items, then your customers would be directed to request a manual quote. Alternatively, customers can also search directly for their item in the search bar.

  1. If your customer is selling a designer handbag then they will be prompted to find their bag based on the designer/model/style.

  1. If they are selling a designer handbag then they will be prompted to describe the condition (Excellent, Great, Good, Fair), which you are able to customize. They will then be able to upload pictures, and add any additional accessories or details that come with their item.

*If your customer isn’t selling a designer handbag or didn’t find their bag through our step-by-step process, then they will be prompted to request a manual quote where they will have the opportunity to also describe the item’s condition.

  1. Finally, if your customer is selling a designer handbag then they will, based on your customized pricing strategy, receive an instant offer of what they could earn by selling upfront, consigning, and/or trading in for store credit.

If the customer accepts they will automatically be sent a confirmation with a shipping label included. In addition, you will be sent an automatic email with their details that you can also access through your Trendful Admin account.

If your customer requested a manual quote they will also receive a confirmation email.

What is the Resale App like from a business’s perspective?

From a business perspective, if your customer receives an instant offer (i.e. buyout, consignment, store credit) after following the app’s step-by-step process, then most of the work has been already done for you! 

Based on your customizations, the shipping label will automatically sent to your customer and you and your customer will receive a notification with the offer details via email. The information about the item, the customer, the quote, and the shipping is also all on your Trendful Admin account.

From there on your Trendful Admin account, you can track the incoming offer and once you receive the item you can change the status, edit the offer amount, and once approved or sold through your store you can payout your customer. 

If you have a manual pricing strategy or if we don’t have enough pricing data for an item, your customers can also request a manual quote. The customers would describe their item and its condition (by uploading images and giving additional details) and provide all their contact information.

You and your customer would still receive an automatic notification via email and all information would be available on your Trendful Admin account. From there on your admin account, you can send quotes to your customers and send shipping labels.

Read more about what you can do with your Trendful Admin account here.


We hope you found this guide useful in better understanding the Resale App is integrated onto your website, how it works for your customers (end users), and what you will experience from a business perspective. 

Our mission is to not only help manage your daily operations but to also give you confidence in growing your business by increasing your visibility on the resale market.

If you are interested in scheduling a demo of how the Resale App could work for your business click here. Otherwise, you can reach out to our sales team here.