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Wix integration

Provide us with access to your website

Integrating the Resale App to your website is easy, we take care of most of it! You simply need to provide access to your website.

  1. In your Dashboard, go to “Settings” > “Roles & permissions” (in the “General” section)

  1. Click on “Invite people” and add with the “Website Designer” role

And we will integrate the app for you!

How to add a Resale App button

You can easily incorporate another button on your website that opens the Resale App upon clicking. This can be achieved by following a few simple steps.

  1. In your website editor,  add a button element. You can place it anywhere on your website.

  1. Turn on Dev Mode

3. Select the button and click on Open masterPage.js (bottom right of your window)

  1. Click on onClick() and rename it to open_trendful, then click on +. Then you can turn off Dev Mode.