Privacy for Clients


If you are a client using Trendful to run your resale business, we collect and use your personal information to provide you with the use of products and services. In general to help you better manage your resale business and your relationship with your sellers (customers). In addition, please review our overall privacy policy that applies to everyone whose information we process.

What information we collect about you and why

We collect personal information when you sign up for Trendful, when you use our products and services or when you otherwise provide us information. We may also use a third-party service provider to help us review accounts for fraud or other concerns. In general, we need this information for you to use our products and services.

Personal Information

Information you provide us about you, your business, like your name, the name of your staff or other individuals associated with your business, company name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.

How we use this information

  • To provide you with the use of our products and services like the Trendful Admin Account, Resale App, and/or Price Database (i.e. to confirm your identity, to contact you about issues with the software, to invoice you)
  • To advertise and market products or new features to you
  • To comply with legal requirements

Payment Information

Payment information you provide us, such as your credit or debit card number or your bank account number. We may also collect information that you may choose to make available to us about your business’ bank accounts.

How we use this information

  • To charge for our services
  • To provide Trendful Payouts

Technical Information

Information about how you can access Trendful, your Trendful Admin Account, Price Database, Resale App, including information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, and details about how to browse our website, Trendful Admin Account, Price Database, Resale App. We collect some of this information by using “cookies” or other similar technologies, see our Cookie Policy.

How we use this information

  • To provide you use of, and to improve, our products and services (Trendful Admin, Price Database, Resale App) (i.e. identifying ways to improve our products & services or to make it easier to use)
  • To customize our products or service for you (i.e. showing you how to customize the Resale App for your business)
  • To advertise or market new products or features to you

Business Information

If you use Trendful Payouts, we collect more specific information you provide us about your business, including your business address, business type, business ID number, bank account information, date of birth (if you are an individual business owner), and in some circumstances, government-issued identification (like your Social Security Number, Social Information Number, or Employer Identification Number).

How we use this information

  • To create and send Trendful Payouts
  • To provide you with the Trendful Payouts Services
  • To conduct fraud and risk monitoring
  • To comply with legal requirements (like “know your customer”, anti-money laundering, or anti-terrorism laws)

Identity Verification Information

Copies of government-issued and/or a picture of yourself holding your identification that you provide us.

How we use this information

  • If we need to verify your identity (i.e. to protect you against identity theft or fraud)
  • To verify that we are speaking with you if you contact us
  • To help us determine or verify account ownership
  • To comply with legal requirements

When and why we share your information with others

We share your personal information with companies who help us provide you with our services. We also share your personal information with others:

  • To prevent or investigate suspected fraud, threats to physical safety, illegal activity, or violations of a contract (like our Terms of Service) or our policies (like our Acceptable Use Policy)
  • To help us conduct marketing and advertising
  • To comply with legal requirements, or to respond to court orders, or other similar government demands (for more information, read our Government Access Policy)
  • If we merge with or are acquired by another company

Your rights over your information

We believe that you should be able to access and control your personal information no matter where you are located. You can access and correct a lot of your personal information directly from your Trendful Admin Account. For information that you can’t access or correct directly within your Trendful Admin Account, please contact Trendful Support to submit a data subject request.

Since we need your personal information to provide Trendful Services, we generally keep your personal information while you use Trendful products or services. If you close your account, you stop paying your subscription fees, or we terminate your account, we retain account information for two years before we begin the personal information purge process. We don’t do this immediately in case you reactivate your account, or if there is a legal complaint or audit relating to your resale business. If you contact us to request deletion of your account’s information, we will begin the personal information purge process after 90 days, except if we are legally required to retain specific information. If you have questions about this process, please contact Trendful Support. Please be aware that after we anonymize your personal information, we may continue to use non-identifiable information to improve our services.

Finally, we do not and will not “sell” your personal information, as that term is used in California law.

Your sellers’ (customers’) information

In order for you to run your resale business, we collect and use personal information about your sellers (customers). In general, we only collect and use this personal information as directed by you, and as further described in our Data Processing Addendum. Legally speaking, we are a “data processor” and a “service provider” as these terms are defined in European and California privacy laws. We will never use your sellers’ (customers’) information to independently market or advertise to your sellers (customers) unless they are also using one of our products or services directly.

Since you decide how the personal information of your sellers (customers) will be used, you need to make sure that your sellers (customers) understand how you (and how we on your behalf) collect and process their personal information. You should do this by, at a minimum, for example, posting a privacy policy on your website that describes the information you collect, how you use it, and who you share it with.