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Privacy for Visitors


If you visit Trendful’s website or contact Trendful support, we generally use your personal information to provide you with the specific service you are using. Additionally, please review our overall privacy policy that applies to everyone whose information we process.

What information we collect about you and why

We collect the following personal information about you when you visit our website or contact Trendful support.

Personal Information

Information about you that you provide us about yourself, like your name, address, email address, and phone number.

How we use this information

  • To provide you use of, and to improve, the app or service you are trying to use (e.g. to confirm your identity, to contact you about issues with the platform, to invoice)
  • To verify that we are speaking with you
  • To advertise and market products or features to you
  • To comply with legal requirements

Payment Information

Payment information you provide us, such as your payment card number or bank account number.

How we use this information

  • To enable you to make a payment

Technical Information

Information about how you access and use Trendful’s products, website, and other services, including information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, and details about how you browse through our products and website, including search terms you may enter. We collect some of this information by using “cookies” or other similar technologies directly from your device. For more information about how we use these technologies, see our Cookie Policy.

How we use this information

  • To provide you use of, and to improve, our website and related services (e.g. identifying ways to make our platform easier to use or navigate)
  • To advertise and market products or features to you

Identity Verification Information

Copies of your government-issued identification.

How we use this information

  • To verify that we are speaking with you if you contact us
  • To comply with other legal requirements

When and why we share your information with others

We share your personal information with companies who help us provide you with our services. We also share your personal information with others: 

  • To prevent or investigate suspected fraud, threats to physical safety, illegal activity, or violations of a contract, such as our Terms of Service or our policies such as our Acceptable Use Policy
  • To help us conduct marketing and advertising
  • To comply with legal requirements, or to respond to court orders or other similar government demands (for more information, please read our Government Access Policy)

Your rights over your information

We believe that you should have the right to access and control your own personal information, no matter where you are located. We retain your personal information until you tell us to delete it. Please contact our Trendful Support to submit a data subject request if you would like to access or request that we delete your personal information. Please keep in mind that after we anonymize your information, we will continue to use non-identifiable information to improve our services. Finally, we do not and will not “sell” your personal information, as that term is used in California law.